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The Texas Forum of Teacher Education

The Texas Forum of Teacher Education, a publication of the Texas Association of Teacher Educators, is a refereed journal published once annually. Articles in the journal are directed to both campus-based and field-based Texas teacher educators.

TxATE members, including graduate students, are encouraged to submit manuscripts. 

Views expressed in the articles are not necessarily those of the editors or of the Texas Association of Teacher Educators.

ISSN 2166-0190

The Texas Forum of Teacher Education Call for Manuscripts & Publication Guidelines

2021 Forum Editorial Team

     Managing Editor
     Daniella G. Varela
     Texas A & M University-Kingsville

     Editorial Board

     Daniella Varella

     Patsy Sosa Sanchez
     Michelle Giles
     Elda Martinez

2020 The Texas Forum Table of Contents

Full chapters available below. All files are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. To download the latest version, click here.

Editor's Introduction

Karen Dunlap, Managing Editor

Characterizing Middle Grade Mathematics Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Using a Robust Data Set

Karman Kurban

Identifying the Professional Development Needs for Teachers from Non-Educational Backgrounds

Brian Uriegas

Shifting from Involvement to Engagement: Strategies for Supporting Families Virtually

Amy Barrios, Karen Kohler, & Lydia Gerzel-Short

Now What? Teacher Perceptions of Their Instructional Practices in a Post-Standardized Tested World

Excerpts from a previously published dissertation

Erin Pearce

Teaching in Challenging Times: How Can Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Assist Teachers During COVID?

Laura Trujillo-Jenks, Rebecca Fredrickson, Karen Dunlap, & Sarah McMahan

Meeting the Needs of Secondary Students: One Teacher Candidate at a Time

Amber Wagnon & Heather Dean 

The Impact of the Robert Noyce Mentoring Program on Increased Teaching Effectiveness Among Teacher Candidates

Amber Wagnon, Keith Hubbard, & Chrissy Cross

Project-Based Learning: Enacting PBL Without Fear

Arren Swift, Robert M. Maninger, & Casey L. Creghan

Instructional Research-Based Practices Related to Agriculture Science

Selina V. Mireles, Maria de Lourdes Viloria, Weam Al-Tameemi, & Marcela Uribe

Book Review: A Student’s Guide to Academic and Professional Writing in Education  

Thomas L. Hansen

The Texas Forum of Teacher Education Archive

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