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Welcome to TxATE!

The purpose of TxATE shall be to actively promote high standards for the professional preparation of teachers and inservice development. TxATE assumes that teacher education programs should be undergirded by strong academic foundations and be characterized by adequate specialization. TxATE also requires professional education preparation of such scope and sequence that the result will be teachers with high personal and professional qualities that characterize members of any profession.


1. To actively promote high standards for the professional preparation of teachers,

2. To actively assume a public relations function in keeping members of the teaching profession, and lay citizens in general, informed as to the most desirable current standards in teacher education,

3. To strive to maintain a high professional development of teachers and other staff personnel in the field of education.

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Member Benefits

TxATE affords many professional opportunities. As a member of TxATE,

  • you will have the opportunity to be involved and have your voice heard on the issues related to teacher preparation in Texas;
  • you will have the opportunity to submit an article for The Texas Forum of Teacher Education, a refereed journal published by TxATE, containing articles and research being done by your colleagues in teacher preparation; and
  • you can participate in the Summer Conference.

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2021 Joint Summer Meetings and TxATE Conference 

Registration is now open!

This year’s Joint Summer Meetings and TxATE Conference and will be June 14-15, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this conference will be fully online. Participants will have the opportunity to attend forums with TEA and Pearson, participate in organization meetings, hear from keynote speaker Dr. John Hicks (ATE President), Dr. Alisa Chapman (ATE Executive Director) and many more presenters from schools and universities.

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