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Quest for Quality Exceptional K-12 Partnerships Award

TXATE invites universities to nominate Exceptional K-12 School Partnerships such as Induction Programs or Continuing Professional Development initiatives that have been developed and implemented through their university teacher preparation programs.  These practices are critically important to the success of university-based teacher education programs.  Not only do they provide teacher candidates with opportunities to engage in the theory and practice of teaching in context, but they also link universities, teachers, schools and communities in a common goal of improving learning for all children. 

Partnerships may involve a single or multiple schools, school districts, and the university.  They may take a variety of forms to reflect specific partnership activities and approaches with the goal of improving both teacher preparation and K-12 schools.

Nominations should describe exceptional K-12 school partnerships such as Induction Programs, or Continuing Professional Development initiatives that have been particularly effective in facilitating continuous improvement among all stakeholders. Partnership programs might include, but are not limited to:

  • Induction Programs that provide support to beginning teachers
  • Professional Development for K-12 teachers in content and/or pedagogy
  • Curriculum Enhancement initiatives for both K-12 schools and teacher preparation
  • University-School-Community Engagement programs

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