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    2016 Booker Award
    Carolyn Owens is the 2016 recipient of the Booker Award.


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    2016 Quest for Quality Partnership Award
    UTEACH is the recipient of the Quest for Quality Partnership Award.

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    The Distinguished Clinician award is presented to a public school teacher who has demonstrated exemplary service in the field and in assisting in the supervision of student teachers and/or interns.

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  • 2017 TxATE Summer Conference

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    Date: June 6, 2017

    Location: Austin TX

    Theme: Build a Coalition to Empower Our Educators

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Mission of the Texas Association of Teacher Educators

Texas Association of Teacher Educators (TxATE) serves as a major voice in the promotion of teacher education goals and ideals in Texas. It is the only Texas organization for individual teacher educators that is affiliated with a national association, The Association of Teacher Educators.

Membership includes college faculty and administrators, school and regional service staff developers, school-based teacher educators, classroom teachers, and school administrators. Membership is open to those professionals who are concerned with improving the education of teachers.

TxATE provides a forum for issues in teacher education and has worked for improved teacher centers, pre-service preparation, teacher certification, as well as state and national education programs.

Our Objectives

  1. To actively promote high standards for the professional preparation of teachers,
  2. To actively assume a public relations function in keeping members of the teaching profession, and lay citizens in general, informed as to the most desirable current standards in teacher education,
  3. To strive to maintain a high professional development of teachers and other staff personnel in the field of education.

TxATE is a State Unit in ATE and SRATE and a participating member in CSOTTE.